Riley Polequaptewa Pin

I picked up this pin for what I thought was a good deal ($40). The imagery is really unusual and the overall quality of the overlay is good as well. A friend pointed out to me that the maker was Riley Polequaptewa, a Hopi Artist from Shungopavi on Second Mesa.

As I did my research it looks like his work doesn’t command very high prices. What would you value this piece at? It’s roughly 2 inches in diameter. Additionally, how would you describe the image depicted on the pin? It’s a Hopi Sunface, but it also looks like a Koshare clown?


I thought maybe an antelope kachina? This is nice, has the Hopi Guild mark. Two inches $150 - 200.


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Thank you. An antelope kachina makes more sense.

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Awesome deal! Love the guild mark!

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