Ring brown opal

Anyone recognize maker of this ring. Brown opslnamd alligator claw?

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This is not an opal, it is a Mexcian Fire Agate :fire:


I’ve never seen one of these in person but this is the third picture I’ve seen of one where you could see what looks like soap bubbles inside the stone. Really cool.


Any thoughts on the piece that’s a claw ?

I have seen a silversmith by the name Ray Nez use this style of letter marks. The style BEAUTIFUL~LARGE~NAVAJO~RAY NEZ~STERLING SILVER~TURQUOISE~BRACELET | eBay and hallmark https://www.amazon.com/Bracelet-Turquoise-Mountain-Sterling-Silver/dp/B074TX854Z look like it could be his. I think the claw could be badger.

It’s hard to tell unless you see it in person. I personally don’t belive it to be alligator, just because alligators are not common in the southwest at all. I see them sold as bear claws as well, but that’s usually not the case. Boar tusks, big cat feline claws, and badger claws are usually what claws I’ve seen used in jewelry.

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Wow! Thank you. I just love it. I saw the mark and wondered about the history.