Roadrunner inlay pin maker mystery

Hello I acquired this pan at an estate sale and have no clue as to the maker despite the research I have done. I’m hoping someone out there can help me identify this. I appreciate any and all help.

If you could please provide pictures, thank you.



Here are the pictures of my pin. Thanks for any help you can offer. Have a wonderful day…

So many different Zuni artists have made this style of roadrunner pin. You are going to have to due a variety of google searches. I think yours has some age 1960s, and this is tortoise shell. The mark on the back that you are enhancing I believe is the price, underline 00s.

Good morning Jason, Thanks so much for that information. I have several pieces that I’ve purchased over the years and this one I paid $50 for. Could you tell me it’s approximate worth if in fact it is worth $50. I do appreciate all your help and will be sending you more pictures of other stuff mystery Mark’s they drive me crazy. Love your website thanks again and have a great day Jason

It is a neat piece and it is worth $50. You find these things in places where no one has an idea of what it is, and other places where they know exactly. That can make the prices very greatly. In a shop that knows what it is I would think around $60 - $90.