Robert Becenti or Begay

Hello! I am still wondering about the makers mark on my watch tips. Could anyone confirm whether it is Becenti or any of the Begay family members.

Many thanks!

If you are wondering why you are not getting many responses…RB in just one of my books has 7 possibilities. Takes quite a bit of time to look each one up. Have you tried using the resources listed from previous postings? On another note… these watch tips are not very fashionable anymore. Granny watches is what I think of them as. and MOP is not very hot ticket either. Try googling “native american hallmarks”, there are a minimum of 4 links that may have this listed. Also google it and look on ebay compare the stamp and the style of work. Good luck!

P.S. When you think of Begay compare it to Smith in the Anglo world…

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Thank you for your feedback. I do a lot of research before I post. Some people list this exact RB initials as every single R Begay in that family, and 1000 other incorrect RBs out there. I try to accurately describe pieces that I sell. A lot of people repurpose the tips into other jewelry or items. Maybe I will just post them as “Native American” and be done with it.

:slight_smile: Thank you again!

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I think you are safe to say they are Navajo. I don’t know of one reason to think they aren’t. You could also list them as Old Pawn. The use of Old Pawn has gotten so much use not many folks even know what it means anymore.

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