Robert & Bernice Leekya Ring

I have acquired a ring that I’m pretty sure is Robert & Bernice Leekya. It has one almost carved looking piece of turquoise that measures approximately 3/4” by 1/2”. The ring weighs 11g and appears to have some age to it.
I have read several articles about them including a good one at Perry Null. Their work seems to command pretty good prices but I’m having trouble finding a similar ring that is for sale. Can someone help me determine the value and type of turquoise? Thanks as always!


Robert & Bernice are still making this style of ring. I have included an image of a recent one they have made. This ring sells for $105. However, you will be able to tell from the images yours is a nicer piece. They don’t get their hands on these good Sleeping Beauty Stones anymore, your stone has been shaped, and the silver work is nicer. I think of your ring more like $180 - $220.

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Thanks! I see little differences but don’t have enough experience to be able to make an evaluation that I’m comfortable with by looking at pictures. I really appreciate all the help you provide!