Roie Jacques cuff with green turquoise and golden matrix

Hi, I’m hoping for some help with identifying the turquoise in this cuff. Several times when I have worn it, people have tried to tell me they thought it was Morenci turquoise. It is totally unlike my vision of what Morenci looks like, I’ve always considered Morenci to be a rich blue with pyrite and occasionally a little quartz. Is there something that I have missed? Can anyone shed some light on what type of turquoise this actually is? I don’t have any other like it. Thanks for your help.



I can’t say I’ve seen turquoise like that before either. Seems like relatively nice silver work, you would think they would use a good quality stone.

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I am attaching pictures of a ring that I have that is also by him for comparison.

28BC9F7D-1971-4809-9E9E-681432D4B068 1324ED05-8806-4882-9A56-F803F0C4512D

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I think of it as a piece of stabilized Turquoise Mountain, not as nice as the picture but same rock


I wondered about Kingman for the cuff but had not seen any quite like it. What do you think about the turquoise in the ring? Thanks for your help and Happy New Year!