Ronni & Ramil Glodove?

I have a bolo tie, originally a pendant I believe. Uses same wording as RRG but only has one R…any thoughts?


I’m sorry I can’t help you with the signature but I wanted to tell you what an exquisite piece you have, the workmanship is outstanding. Best of luck finding out the markings.

I love this Micro Mosaic Inlay, but I have become very cautious with it due to the influx of Philippine-made knock-offs. I have seen that they are using hallmarks that are very similar to NA hallmarks and it has put me off the whole style. Maybe Jason will weigh in with some assistance.


I’m not sure about the hallmark, but Ronnie and Ramil are Filipino artists whose work is often mistaken or misrepresented as Native artists. My suspicion is that this bolo is Filipino, but not Ronnie and Ramil as the hallmark doesn’t match.


Ronni and Ramil have been discussed in other forums. @Bigbree43 care to weigh in?

One of the first things I do when holding a piece of jewelry is turn it over. The back of a piece can tell us a lot about the piece. We first get a feel that the piece is silver, how much it has been worn, an idea of old or new, and if it has been hallmarked. A silversmith will have a hallmark stamp for his name and another stamp for the sterling mark and in this case a handmade stamp. Reviewing the back you can tell that this was not stamped which leads us to suspect it was casted. Then we want to get a feel for the stone that has been used in this piece. It does appear that we have some imitation stone. I would believe this to be an imported piece.

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Hi jason, is pictured it is marked (back is shown)

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The back