Rough Campitos Turquoise (SOLD!)

Hey y’all, I’m trying to clear out some more stuff. I’m selling 87 grams of rough Campitos turquoise. Campitos is mined in the city of Cananea in Sonora, Mexico. The size of these pieces range from mini/small to medium, and are heavily stabilized. The matrix colors range from thin red web to a golden and brown colors similar to Kingman. There is a small amount of pyrite matrix, but in order to see it you would have to polish them. I mainly used these as props to photograph my other jewelry.

Shown dry:

Shown wet:

I would consider these to be mid-grade or less quality turquoise. The lot weighs 72grams, I am asking $20 shipped.

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Send them on @Bigbree43 I’ll use them for a background as well. I don’t have any rough at all. So how do I pay you?

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Hey you! @AC please send me a message with your PayPal email and I can have em in the mail on Tuesday!