Rough idea on value

Could anyone offer a guess on value of this necklace, I have no idea. 18 inches, sterling cones, chain, strung on soft flex (or similar wire), not convinced of coral authenticity, tumbled turquoise nuggets maybe 6mm.



I can’t tell you anything about value, but I think the “rainclouds” on the cones are the hallmark of Joe Tortalita (Kewa, born 1922). if you google him you will find several necklaces with those cones on them. He is mostly known for set stones, stampwork (per Bille Hougart) so it is possible he just did the cones and some other Kewa artist did the necklace. I have a turquoise necklace with the same cone design. But if this is a Kewa necklace I would say there is some value in it.

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Hi, thank you for the reply. I believe this is a newer necklace as the beads are on stainless beading wire and the bead twist is very tight - which I think would loosen over any length of time. The cones look handmade, but I’m sure the chain is commercially made. It’s an inherited piece, no one to ask where they got it or what they paid. I thought the value may be in the turquoise rather then the entirety of the necklace. :woman_shrugging: