Roy Talahaftewa Pendant & Chain

After seeng the $900 bracelet I started digging though things and forgot I had this. I see he quite often uses gem grade Candelaria turquoise. This looks like it when I compare it to Pueblo Direct.


That is gorgeous!! Yes, I prefer your pendant :grin: It isn’t as common for Hopi work to have stones (I have a cuff that does), so that makes it even more unique. Did the chain come with it?

I have a cuff with a piece of natural Candelaria turquoise, looks a bit like that.

BTW, don’t forget it anymore, you need to wear that baby!


The original owner purchased it directly from him when traveling out west. He also made the chain that came with it.


I wondered, cause I wear my Hopi bird pendant on a similar chain, but I bought the chain way earlier in Taos, and believe it’s Navajo. It is also handmade like yours. I really like the Hopi pendants on silver chain link necklaces.


Very lovely pendant! Do you know what the top of the pendant symbolizes?

Candelaria Turquoise I wish I could read the entire article but I don’t know how to remove the ads in front of it.

Unfortunately @nanc9354 I have no idea what the symbols relate to. Hopefully someone that knows Hopi symbols can help.