Running into Turquoise People

Funny story:

Yesterday, I got on an elevator and a young lady was wearing a small, but beautiful Zuni squash blossom necklace. :astonished:

Obviously, it caught my attention, mostly because I never see anyone wearing NA jewelry where I live and work in a very conservative Midwest city. :yawning_face:

Without thinking, I spewed out, “I like your squash blossom.” :nerd_face:

She looked at me with a cocked eye and said, “Excuse me?” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I pointed and said, “Your necklace.” :blush:

She then said, “Oh, thanks, it was my grandmother’s.” :unamused:

I could tell she had no idea what she was wearing. :roll_eyes:

Any other stories?


I live in WI and tend bar at a tap house.
Often see customers with beautiful NA jewelry. Always compliment them on the jewelry.
There is a story behind most.
The best one, so far, is that the necklace was found with a metal detector in a AZ campground in the 1980’s. They had the piece cleaned and a missing stone replaced.
It was a beautiful Squash Blossom with either Kingman or Sleeping Beauty.


I love these stories. I’m going to make a point of complimenting people on their turquoise pieces. I don’t see it worn much here in Northern California…though I’m told it was all the rage in the 70’s and early 80’s. There’s a local jewelry shop and a trading post where people consign pieces. According to the proprietor, many were inherited and so there’s no story to share. I did buy both of those cuffs I posted!! Jewelry, especially Native American pieces, is my happy place (sorry, that sounds so corny) I could totally geek out if I ever met y’all in person!


I’m not surprised I don’t see people wearing turquoise jewelry in the Midwest, but I am surprised that I hardly see it when traveling to Western states like Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and even Utah.
Arizona and New Mexico is a different story.


Bills Trading in Berkeley?

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Yes it is! You know them! Is it a good source? It’s close to me, so I stop in to look at things. I’m relatively new to Native American jewelry and I’ve learned a bit from them…though learning more here🥳on this forum.


I haven’t been in, but plan to go soon. I took a look at a map…easy except I hate driving the tunnel any more. So many shops have closed.

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Mid-day weekdays are best westbound through Caldecott. see you there😋 I always find something to buy…so try to limit my visits. Hope you find something you like…it’s a nice shop.

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Huh…I live in the Bay Area too!


There is also Gathering Tribes on Solano Ave, in Albany. They have events featuring different artists.

The antiques fair on Alameda point, has some good dealers every month.

The 36th Annual American Indian Art Show | San Francisco

Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture, Festival Pavilion 2 Marina Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94123 Purchased this the last time I went when it was still in San Rafael [mop%20fish%20scale%2C%20Tsalabutie|375x500]

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Any recommendations for places to look in southeast Florida?
Great thread! Thanks

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Believe it or not, I found a beautiful ring at Goodwill. It is a Ben Nighthorse (Campbell). Nighthorse was a Colorado Senator. It was very inexpensive and a great deal!


Thank you I’ll keep my eyes open

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Would love to see what you got…your photo is not showing.
Thanks for the info on the show at Fort Mason…going to check schedule. Maybe I’ll have it stop in at Gathering Tribes…heh heh.

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How wonderful of you to compliment her necklace. I always enjoy learning who created my jewelry and a piece that was your grandmothers is already very special.

My husband loves to recount the tale of how my Adeline Bowannie Pendant stole the train show! We were at the Hartford CT Convention Center for a train show about 12 years ago. I was wearing my Adeline Bowannie inlaid cross, my first and still my favorite piece of Native American jewelry. .

The wife of a husband and wife team vendor stopped everything when she recognized my necklace. She called her husband over who was working the other side of their train display. He was Native American.

It isn’t often that a jewelry can become the center of attention at a train show. I learned Adeline had passed away at age 66 in 2007. If her family is reading this I want them to know her beautiful artistry is still being appreciated today. .


Waiting for Ft Mason…It appears the Taylor’s that have a shop in Fresno will be there. Also, several bay area vendors that sell on ebay or used to sell on show circuits. Miles & Miles, Pacifica; Todos Santos Trading Post, Alamo.

You might go to the website for Ft. Mason and see if you can get a discount for entrance fee, my postcard gives me $5 off.


Wow! That is a beautiful Cross! :two_hearts: I can see how it stole the show. :grinning: Was Annie Navajo or Zuni? Very sad that she died so young.

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Zuni. Yes she is gone much to soon. Does anyone have any more info about her? I think Adeline created jewelry from the 40-60s but not sure.

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Hi Tinyturqgrl,
So sorry for my typo of Adeline Bowannie’s name on original post. This is the correct mark on the necklace. She was indeed Zuni .


I found that when my sister and I wore our turquoise pieces to the high end jewelry store we worked in at the time in Portland, OR - they garnered more comments than what we sold. Our manager told me to stop wearing it in as that was not what we sold sigh. I got out of the biz but my sister is still in it, and finds some amazing pieces through her work with her customers.