Sadie Calvin Shadow Boxish Ring

Someone is smiling on me! I got this as a side item in a group of bolo ties. The bolos were what I as focused on. This jumped out at me as soon as I looked closer. Size 8 1/2. I identified the hallmark and the time frame it was made in. Pretty sure it is Kingman. Does the pitting in the stone detract or add?

My wife has it now so it is all just for speculation, but what would the value of this be? Please feel free to correct me on any of the above! Value would be icing at this point! Happy wife happy life! And I get to chalk one up for my expensive hobby! :nerd:

Thanks in advance!!

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Great stone, and itā€™s like a piece of three-dimensional sculpture. Iā€™d also be delighted to own this. Think of the business your wife may bring to you when strangers start conversations with her about her beautiful ring :wink:


I would put a realistic value(what you can sell on ebay or auction) between $90-130. I believe it to be Morenci turquoise because the pyrite matrix is indicative or that mine. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Sadie had an amazing style. I would almost call this stone a piece of Ithaca Peak, which would also have pyrite. If you find the person who knows what this is I would imagine a price closer to $300, great ring.