Sandcast turquoise cuff with hallmark "underlined J"

Need some help on identification with this one. It is a vintage sandcast cuff with three pieces of turquoise. Very large - very heavy. Stamped with a “J” which is underlined (or could have two double lines under the J). Would like to know who the maker might be, age, possible turquoise type and perhaps value. Not sure I want to part with it but if I do, I would like to be able to adequately give a proper description.


I couldn’t find anything on the hallmark. The bracelet is Navajo, 1980s, Kingman Turquoise nuggets, $350ish.

Jason - I always appreciate your help. Keep this one in your file and if you ever come across it, let me know.


I love the sandcast cuffs. Curious about the style. The ones I’ve seen all have this “cage” configuration or similar form. Is there a name for this and is there some historical reference? Or is it cast this way for stability?

I found this mark, it Looks like yours. Lovely piece.image

Oh it definitely does - thank you so much.
Now to try and find out something about her.