Santa Fe Line china jewelry

I bought this pendant and these earrings quite awhile ago at an antique store in Bandon, OR. They were made from china that had been used on the Santa Fe Line dining car. The earrings were made from a coffee cup or it’s saucer. I cannot remember what exactly the fish piece came from; it was either a platter or a bowl. Whoever made them had used pieces (sometimes broken, as you can see in the pendant and the scuff marks on the earrings) of the old china.

I’ve never ridden the train out west, but have stayed at the La Posada in Winslow, and ate at the dining room while there. And my mother took the train from IN to Los Angeles in the 40s, so I’ve always felt a bit of nostalgia toward this china.



Cool! I see this is the Chile Shop in Santa Fe, which is where we bought bagged red chile powder last time we were out there. I’m almost done with mine, and I lost the catalog and couldn’t remember where it was from, so now I know where to get more chile! I would love to buy the china to use, but my cupboards are completely full.


Very nice. I love the history behind them.


Oh, I love these! Very nice.


Thank you! I need to wear the pendant more. I’m kind of nervous to wear the earrings, because one of the posts came off; they had just been glued on. I super glued it back, but I haven’t really worn them since.


Those are just plain cool!! Good for you. The Mimbres figures are fabulous. I also love the reproduction railroad China. A close friend has a huge set of the original reproduction pieces they bought ~20 years ago; I drool every time I see them. The Turquoise room at the La Posada in Winslow uses them and sells them in the gift shop.


Bandon is so pretty (I’m biased, I love our whole coast), glad you came out to Oregon for a visit!


I’ve only been to OR once, but we loved it. We drove down the coast, staying in Astoria, Bandon, and Gold Beach. Next we went to Crater Lake National Park for 2 nights (I had always wanted to go there), and then up to Mount Hood for a night, and back along the Columbia River. It was so beautiful! I had the best cod tacos EVER in Bandon :laughing:

But I was having a bit of Native American jewelry shopping withdrawal, so I was kind of excited to find these, even though not exactly the same.

Oh, we also popped up into Washington to go to Mount St Helens on our way to Astoria; another place I always wanted to see.


I was thinking they were used in the restaurant. But it’s been a bit since we stayed there. When we were there they were still working to restore it; it was only partially redone. But I’ve been back since and seen the total restoration, and it’s amazing.

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You are correct, the Turquoise Room is the restaurant. Sorry for the confusion. And, I totally agree…the restoration is amazing😊

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