Santo Domingo Necklace with Carved Pendant

I think this is a very nice looking piece. The pendant is 3 inches from the bottom to the top of the bale and 2-1/4 inches across. Beads are 5/16" in diameter close to the pendant and 1/8" close to the closure. I would like to know if the turquoise can be identified and approximate value. The first picture is natural light through a large window on a cloudy day. It’s the closest to actual color if you can disregard the glare.
Also, it’s 66 grams and I was wondering if the pendant design is representative of anything?

Y’all tell me it’s this #8 :partying_face: Pic is from Number Eight Turquoise |


I was also thinking it was #8, good detective work. The uniformity of the Heishe and the symmetric carving on the pendant indicate that this was a skilled carver. This piece also has some age to it. I’ve seen vintage no. 8 from the 60’s and 70’s look like this, and the clasp and stringing would also reinforce that there is some age to it. I’m not sure how old though, I would like to think it’s a little older than that! The skill of the carving makes me think that the artist might be a noted one. Without knowing the artist, I would have $250-$325 on this in my shop. I wouldn’t even be mad if it never sold, it’s absolutely beautiful.


Gorgeous, thanks for sharing so I can learn! I don’t know much about this style…