Seeking mine and value wisdom on two necklaces and a JOL cuff

Hello! I am new to the turquoise world and wanted some help on some newly acquired pieces from an auction. The cuff is signed Julie O Lahi. Is the turquoise Sleeping Beauty? The silver pendant on the round beaded necklace says Mexico although it looks like a Tibetan knot. I’m not even sure the green ones are turquoise? Thank you!

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I know that Sleeping Beauty is the preferred stone for Zuni petit point jewelry like your cuff. So it probably is SB turquoise.
The middle necklace sure looks like Chinese turquoise to me.
The last item appears to be a vintage bracelet with panels.
I believe the green “stones” are glass. This is called Peking glass, made to mimic jade. The glass pieces were probably made in Czechoslovakia.
The little leaves are enamel. It’s probably 1930s.


Wow, thank you so much for this info. Super helpful. I was thinking that the green ones might be jade but the pendant looked kind of like glass so I was confused. :slight_smile: