Sensa Eustace?


I was wondering if y’all could help. I know Sensa Eustace (Zuni) made inlay bee jewelry. But did she also make curved feather jewelry and stamp pieces S.E.? Is this piece (for illustration only) a Sensa Eustace piece

Zuni artist usually don’t make a variety of styles, they specialize and make the same style over their career. This is also a Navajo style piece.

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So, there’s a piece of her bee jewelry she hand signed and put this S. E. Stamp on.
I know Ben Eustace (Zuni) and other Zuni Eustace (don’t know if they’re related) did curved feather pieces.

Yes that was his style, carved turquoise and silver leaves. You don’t find a Ben Eustace inlay butterfly. I am not sure if they are related, but Zuni is a small pueblo and I imagine having the same last name they are related somehow.