Seriously, what's the chances?

I posted this this on Facebook, but thought I’d post this over here too. I bought this ring a few years ago, and it has been one of my favorites. Several weeks ago I saw this bracelet/cuff for sale online. It took me a little while to come up with the money while I hoped it didn’t sell to someone else, but now I have the matching set by Wallace Yazzie Jr.! I mean, what are the chances?


Can see why you are excited. Nice set.

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That is great. Wallace was a super nice guy and an amazing silversmith.


That’s so fun! Years ago I bought a pawn cuff in a little shop in Kanab UT; several years later found a matching ring in Springdale UT. No hallmark but had to be same artist.

Beautiful set! Do you know where the turquoise is from? It’s a lovely blue.

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Looks like it could possibly be Kingman Turquoise.


Wow! Great pieces-lucky you! What’s the chance of that happening; I’m still waiting!

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BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh my goodness! I would be so thrilled!

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Wow, absolutely stunning! It was meant to be that you would have both of these pieces.

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