Shadowbox Bolo

Hello, new to turquoise here. And this form has been a wealth of information. I recently found this bolo for sale and really really liked it.

I reached out to Waddie through instagram and he said it was not his. So now I am at a crossroads. I still really like it, but as this is my first real piece, it’s for my wedding, and will hopefully become a family heirloom I don’t want to purchase something I am not 100% about all aspects.

Does anyone know anything about this piece, the stone, the true artist, and also is the price appropriate?

Thank you in advance for all the help/advice.

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No matter that this is a nice-looking bolo, I wouldn’t reward a seller who misrepresented this item, which is inexcusable.

The price is a puzzle: should be higher if it’s a quality known maker and if the large stone is actually Red Mountain. So I’d want firm proof and guarantee on that, since they mangled the attribution.

Collectibility wise: Anything can be an heirloom sentimentally, but a Waddie piece has potential for being more collectible down the road versus an unknown but attractive piece.


Sorry I don’t know the artist. The design looks like some of the spoon pieces I do like this one. Made from an old silver spoon. Kyle


Eagle Rock has a lot of good stuff, and they do buy and consign from others. Understand that this trading post is in Central Texas. The price seems too much to me for what it is. I too suspect it is not Red Mountain, likely Kingman looking like Red Mountain. You can find brand new bolo’s in this price range online. Try all Perry Null Trading post online or All Tribes.

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