Show n Tell. Turquoise Earrings, Added new Posts

Love these, they had the old clips but the wife says they bother her ears. Charged 40 $ to " laser weld " on new ones. Plus jeweler keeps silver… I feel like that’s City pricing, but am unsure. Anyone has thoughts on that price, please share. No hallmark. Thoughts welcome. Hope more folks might find time, would luv to see others items. Best

Not sure, but know that laser welders are extremely expensive to buy. Does the back where the clips were look very smooth and clean? It should.

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The San Francisco Jeweler does a perfect job. Clips hurt my wife’s ears & give her a headache, we tend to wear our jewelry. So I was just wondering if 40$ was a good price. I may have a picture of a changed pair, I believe these were clasp backs, laser welded. My memory could be wrong.Best