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I bought this recently; and I just liked it immediately ! I just really don’t know what is stabilized , fake , or real to be honest ! It has no markings! Thanks for all the help!


@ Jason What do you think? TY

Beautiful bracelet. Congrats on your find.

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Hopefully I’m wrong, The coral being so perfect like red jellybeans makes me pause, as does the white mottling on the stone, possibly dyed howlite. I’m at the point in my education where I can assume some wrong things. @Bigbree43 do you think this is Howlite and block coral? Either way it’s a beautiful piece!

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I actually think it’s Chinese turquoise! That specific black web matrix is very common in Hubei turquoise. As far as the coral is concerned, I think a pic in natural lighting would help!

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it looks like a dyed howlite to me too. Not the expert on the dyed stuff but the greenish color inbetween the black matrix makes me worry.

I’m starting to wonder myself now! I do not think the Coral is real! Wonder why they would use fake stuff in real silver?

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It is beside a red Jasper Taxco ring!

I would agree with Bigbree that this is Chinese. Coral is tough even from the picture out in natural lighting, to me it has a dyed look.

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Thank you, I didn’t pay much and it was sold as turquoise, however you never know !

Coral is much more expensive than silver, so you get the rest