Signed "Jason & Elsie YAZZIE" - Turquoise Needlepoint necklace and earring set depicting bear claws: Value? Age?

Another one which i just love…I searched on the internet but found only pieces from Jason Yazzie and they had a different hallmark (not scripted like this one). I suppose Jason & Elsie are working as a husband/wife team? Does anybody know of the are still active as silversmiths? What would be the value of the set? And is it sleeping beauty turquoise used? Thanks very much for your help…

All jewery examples that were listed online as made by Jason and Elsie were dated from the 1980’s, and most of the examples were needlepoint. I could not find any information on Jason Yazzie, only Elsie; she was credited for teaching her TWELVE children jewery making techniques. Elsie was married to Chee Yazzie. Although I couldn’t find any info on Jason, here is a Jason and Elsie set listed on eBay for price comparison.

Here is the mark, the larger script reads STERLING, and in much smaller script right under is Jason and Elsie


Wow, thanks a lot…it is also a beautiful example of needlepoint jewelry. If mines is from the 1980s does this mean turquoise from an American mine was used?

I would assume that it is American turquoise because it is by the members of the Yazzie family, who are known to use quality turquoise in their jewelry. It looks like it could possibly be sleeing beauty, but someone else will have to confirm this (I am not good at identifying turquoise stones!)

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Hi Maggie. Jason Yazzie my father. He still is an artist, Elsie Yazzie is his ex-wife. The set you have was made when they were still married. Elsie was NOT married to a "Chee Yazzie"nor does she have TWELVE kids. This Elsie must be mistaken for another “Elsie Yazzie”


Hi, Thanks very much for this update. Any guess wen the Set was Made?
Please let your father know I do treasure this piece of jewellery. All the Best for ihm. Thanks

@Maggie @Shawnaholiday here is where I got my information from, an article from Cowboys & Indians magazine:

There are tons of Yazzies out there, and it’s entirely possible that there are two Elsie Yazzies who are both silversmiths…

Good job finding that Bree! Wow…but then again, it’s a Yazzie!!!

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@share101 Thanks… I don’t just make this stuff up… lmao :laughing: