Silver and turquoise necklace that has me stumped

I have had this necklace for some time and couldn’t make up my mind about it so I stashed it away and came across it the other day. My question is whether or not all or parts of it are real. It is 26” and weighs 81g. The large center bead appears to be silver; the medallions on either side look like silver plate; the round beads between the turquoise have seams running vertically rather than horizontally. The clasp looks legitimate and the necklace is strung on sinew. The turquoise looks like it has some age. Can anyone shed some light on this? Is it real and if so, does it have any value?

The turquoise looks real, the beads look plated, the medallions are manufactured. It does appear to have some age, but believe this to be an assembly job. It does have value, but I think more for someone looking for a style not Native American.

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Thanks Jason. I felt like that was the case but wanted a second opinion. Guess that’s why I stached it away so long ago. I’ve learned a lot since then and this forum has been a real help.
I appreciate you and the other members who are helpful and knowledgeable. It’s also great to see everyone else’s finds.