Silver and Turquoise old cuff

Hi. I have this cuff which I think is quite old. It does not have any maker’s mark but is stamped on the outside edge 1000. I know this is not a maker’s mark but I’m also doubtful that it means it’s sold silver (I know 925 is 925 parts silver

out of 1,000). I was told that solid silver is too soft to work with? So I was then thinking coin silver? Does anyone have any ideas? Many thanks x

Can’t be sure… Looks like Nepalese with blue glass. A “1000” should mean that the silver is 100% pure. There is also a Thai silver (97%) art perfected in a few small villages over the centuries. I’d be curious as to what the silver content would test in this piece.

Thanks that’s really interesting - I hadn’t thought of Nepalese. I am taking it to get tested next week - will let you know x