Silver (?) concho belt?

I bought this concho belt at an estate sale. The family said it came from their grandmother’s collection. They didn’t know how old it might be. No turquoise (that’s a shame). What did I buy?

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Welcome Mike. That’s a good question. We’re curious too. Can you upload some photos of the front and back and any hallmarks or stamps?


no marks that I can find. tested with magnet, not magnetic. Checked with google images and it was close match to dancing disk belt.

I was waiting to find the spot where I uploaded the photos, but I didn’t spot it the first time out. Found it this time. Thanks for patience and any identification help.


Very pretty; does not look Native American to me. Has an Indian (country) feel to me. Or Bali??


I agree, did not feel NA to me either, but has a wonderful sound when it is around the waist and a person is swinging and dancing. Thank you


That’s a pretty belt. My guess is that it could be Mexican. The center dome in each “concho” and the way the belt’s constructed, with each concho pierced & then joined together by jump rings, leads me toward that thought. I’ve seen Mexican bracelets constructed in that way. Of course, I may be totally incorrect about this.


Can’t help you on the origin, but I do like the belt. It has a great look to it. :+1:


Not Native American or Mexican.

I think Indian (@Ziacat), Pakistani, etc.
Maybe even Turkey, Morocco/North Africa.


That’s where i was going, too, Stracci. It’s giving me African vibes, or maybe even from one of the 'Stans.

Here’s something i found from a google image search (discs not made in France, just the barrette fastener) Unique & Retro Made in France Large Etched Silver Conch Style Hair Clip, Barrette 4 by 1.75, Lightweight , Southwestern - Etsy

Another similar “Turkoman” item Turkman Ottoman Empire Style Pendants kuchi Jewellery Whole sale from Afghan

These almost identical that someone is calling Native American, but they aren’t

And another from Morocco with a similar medallion


Agreed. Wow, the barrette’s surface is such a close match, and of course the only “France” part of it is the clasp mechanism.

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how long is this belt?

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42 1/2 inches long. Appreciate all the comments and thoughts. Would be great as a jingly jangly belt for pow wow or for belly dancer