Silver feathers

Just wondering if anyone (Jason?) knows when the use of silver feathers on native american jewelry was first utilized by the native silversmiths. And perhaps any information as to the techniques employed. Can’t seem to find any really good articles on this subject.


I would say that it depends on the piece of jewelry. How the feather is applied to it as well. I’m also assuming by feathers, you might mean leaves? Like this:

There is no specific answer to this question, posting a picture would help. Leafwork like this has been used for some time, but it seems to have been very popular post- 1970

Pictures always help. I have heard the name Ramon Platero used with being the first to use this style. However, it seams to me that it started as a Zuni style borrowed by the Navajo. When you look at a piece of Dan Simplicio work that has a silver leaf, I imagine he took those from the carved stone versions you saw from early Zuni necklaces. I think those Zuni carved necklaces are the first examples.