Silver in stone?


Another query for the knowledgable - I’ve just acquired this cuff (again, I buy cos I like the colour and font tend to think of age etc) but there seems to be a bit of silver along the edge (and pyrite in the middle?). I’m assuming this is not naturally occurring but haven’t seen it before?
Thank you for helping - I’m learning all the time just by reading all the posts on here and finding it invaluable xx

Nice Stone! Pyrite is naturally occuring in Turquoise. Turquoise identification is tricky. I am sure one of the pros will comment.

Thanks - it’s a great combination of colours xx

Like Christibo indicated it can be tricky. It could also be filler to fix a crack. The center just looks like host rock? don’t see anything that looks metal. I have seen heat change a stone color, especially when someone is buffing a piece. It is interesting that you see those dark spots by this silver/pyrite/filler, from the heat of fixing and then buffing to get it smooth. The stone is a very nice blue.

Thanks - it definitely looks like filler when you look at the top side of the stone so that makes sense just not seen a silver coloured filler. The middle is host stone - under a loupe it has a coppery glint but I’m guessing that’s just from the stone.

Thanks for your help xx