Silver marks “TW” and "P"

Hi all! Thanks ahead of time for your help. I hope everyone is safe and healthy!

I came across this bracelet and pendant in my mom’s estate. They seem to “match”, but have different marks. The bracelet is TW…pendant is a P. They were in a box with a retail tag (pictured)…

Hi! What information are you looking to find out? Also, a picture of the front of the pendant would be helpful.


Thanks so much for your reply - I’d love to know who is associated with the hallmarks so that I can research them further. Any additional tidbits would be appreciated, if anyone is familiar with the artisan.

Not sure why the front pic didn’t come through - thanks for letting me know!

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The two names I come up with that have these marks are Jimmie Patterson and Ted Wadsworth. You might do a google search for both and see if they have similar work online?
use search terms Jimmie Patterson Navajo jewelry and Ted Wadsworth Navajo jewelry.

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