Silver Products Brochure

Hi, just sharing! I bought this cuff and seller included the brochure. Thought some of you might enjoy :blush:


Thats great, thanks for sharing.

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I love seeing the old brochures. Very cool item, and bracelet!

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Does it have an address on the brochure, where the company is located?

The bottom of cover says KC MO. Am guessing that is for Kansas City.


Neat, thanks for posting. I love seeing the old brochures and catalogs for the tourist stuff.

Seems like I’d heard that the symbology on this sort of tourist jewelry isn’t true to Native American tradition and whitewashed to appeal more to tourists…true?

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Yes, the symbol meanings were completely made up to cater to tourists who wanted to know what their jewelry “meant.” Not to mention these symbols were most often seen on manufactured pieces that weren’t even Native made. Although I do agree that a cactus is a “sign of the desert.” I think that a better meaning for rain cloud would be “will be later misattributed to Victor Coochwytewa by an unscrupulous eBay seller.”