Silver? Real turquoise? Age? Help needed

Hi, I purchased this bracelet as a replacement for one I gave away. Now I’m wondering if this is real silver and if the stones are turquoise. If it is real silver or turquoise, any idea on its age? There are no markings what so ever. I haven’t lost much, just $40 but now I’m wondering about it since It was sold to me as silver. As always, any help is greatly appreciated. !


The first image again

This is a really nice bracelet. I imagine it has some age and is real silver. You see new ones like this by Herman Smith for around $180 - $200.

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That’s great news! Thanks for taking the time to reply. Much appreciated :blush:

I agree this bracelet is the real deal! Early in my turquoise buying career I have accidentally purchased similar cuffs with faux turquoise. We always have to be on the lookout, sadly.

Thank you so much! I was kinda concerned because the beads make it feel heavy but it wasn’t magnetic and it didn’t have a smell, so I felt good about it. I’m so glad to get confirmation, since it didn’t have any marks. Of course you can’t always depend that. I really need to get a testing kit, because it doesn’t clean easy at all which may be attributed to its age. So I just left it as is. Thanks so much again :blush: