Simple question, possibly stupid:-)

I have a silver turquoise ring I purchased in Nevada. It is marked inside with “SWO”.

Is that the artists mark or something else??

When I purchased the ring I was given a name. Supposedly from Arizona. I could never find any information. So I gave up and since lost the name ughhh.

Thanks in advance.

Ok , in perusing this site, I guess I came to the conclusion that SWO is the artists hallmark…duh☺

I could not find an SWO in the hallmark books I use. Could you possibly provide an image of the work and hallmark, thanks

Sure thing. Thanks for the help.

I appreciate it.


I guess it could possibly be OMS ??

Knock, Knock :slight_smile: Who is there…SWO or wait is it OWS…:grin:

Yeah, I tried several combinations and couldn’t find anything. It could possibly be a husband and wife team with the last name initial being a M or W. This is most likely a cast ring shank. The stone is gorgeous and from the picture looks like a piece of Turquoise Mountain. Good luck for your search.

Thank You for the effort.

Have fun!