Slooooooooow Site?

Is it me or is this site way, way slow??
I would come here more often if didn’t literally take 15 seconds for any character I type to appear!
I would like to read more, too.
I’ve experienced slow sites before, but nothing like this!
Sometimes I have to wait a full minute after “clicking” on something, before anything happens!?
When I try to scroll, the lag is unbearable!
I end up not reading, looking at pics or commenting…
Is there anything you can tell me that will help?
Does anybody else experience this?
I use Firefox as my Browser.
Thanks… & btw, this happens only on this site!

I also use Firefox but so far have not experienced any problems.

TY for the reply Maggie!

I’ve cleaned cookies, my cache, duplicate files, etc.
Updated Browser, Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, etc.
Seems to be better, but still laggie when I scroll…
Must be me, if nobody else has this prob!?
I’m still using XP, so that might have something to do with it, as well.
At least I can type & look around a little now…
again, Thanks for the reply!

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