Small squash blossom with Morenci (?) turquoise

I’m not usually a squash blossom person but the turquoise in this one lured me in. The fact that’s it’s not too big was also a selling point for me. The necklace is 28-29” with a naja that measures 2 1/2” by 2”. It weighs 108 grams and is marked sterling and W.
Haven’t had time to research this one but sometimes single initials are hard. I have several questions. 1) is the turquoise really Morenci? 2) Are the leaves handmade or applied? 3) Is it possible to date? I was guessing 80’s. 4) it is strung on chain and the beads look bench made not handmade? 5) finally can you give me an idea of value?
What I do know is that it draws attention to itself. I wore it to work one day and all the comments about it from our customers drove my boss crazy. I will have to save it for days when she’s not there. :joy:


This is nice. I would say the turquoise is from Kingman. You hear the stone referred to Ithaca Peak when you get lots of pyrite and quartz, can be pricey. The leaves look handmade. I don’t know if I get a good sense of the size, $900


Absolutely gorgeous. What a wonderful piece! Love those stones. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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Jason, are the bench beads commercial or are they handmade? Thanks!

those are not handmade beads.


I love Squash Blossoms, I have one, I bought it late 60’s early 70’s. No hallmark, I was told it was Kingman!

I paid $125 for it back then, this picture doesn’t do the turquoise justice☹


I think it is awesome! Congrats!

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I’m loving the blues in this Squash Blossom! Oh my! I bet you did get many complements it stops you in your tracks. The leaves are beautiful but that extra special scroll vines are just gorgeous. Wow!

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