Snowville Variscite Cuff

Hello, I’m trying to get a value for a large stone cuff. I’ve been told it’s most likely Snowville Variscite. It weighs 163 grams. Measure’s 3inch (shown in photo). I am 100% sure it’s at least 1970’s. That’s when it came into our family’s possession. Thanks for any info in advance!


I think that is a very nice stone!

Is there a way to figure out how many carats a stone is? When it’s already in silver? I’ve searched trying to find one similar to use as a reference. But I’m not having much luck there either. This piece is far too large for my small wrist. I would consider selling it. But I will hold on to it until I’m confident my price is fair. And that seems to be a tricky bit of knowledge to come by… lol.

It is going to be a mystery, the weight. All you can do is find something the same size and take an educated guess because you never know how thick. The two stones in the picture are a little bigger than yours, but comparable in size. One rock weighs 210 carats the other 335.

I find a range on carat cost for your stone, but in my opinion yours would be on the nice end. The guess would around 170 carats, $510 if you went $3 a carat. The stone is the valuable thing here.