Some of Grandmas Goodies

Ok so here are some items I was recently left…no idea the values

I feel like I put too much here LOL any help on these wud be great…they all test positive some are marked…some I cant read marked and some have worn off marks! either way any feed back is appreciated!


Nice looking group. The panel bracelet and the silver “bubbles” with turquoise might be Mexican instead of Native. If you decide to sell, the Mexican jewelry also sells very nicely.

The french hook earrings in the second to last picture are faux turquoise

Some beautiful pieces.
Is the 5th photo, with the black stones a bracelet? Can you post some more photos of that?

I didn’t find any marks on the Onyx I was told bracelet but it does have some minor damage to the this wiring used…I also believe it to be from Mexico-the silver and turquoise is marked and yes Mexico =)

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you are correct! they are actually marked 925 in 2 different places but when I tested them they ae FAKE so are the stones-nice eye! OrbitOrange!

I love the orange spiny barrel earrings! <3

After cleaning this I did find the mark-it is Mexico and sterling! Here are some new pics

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They are for sale =)~ Everything pretty much I am inquiring about is! LOL I will consider ALL offers=)-These are NOT listed yet because I cant find any info on them but am going out today to gather books to research them