Some of my Native American Jewelry

The Cuff was made by Cecil Atencio. Weighs 81.9 grams, the pendant i just found out was made by Darrell Brown and weighs 41 grams the ring is by an unknown maker and has no mark


Pretty pieces :grinning: Love the turquoise in the cuff.


Thank you so much! Its a piece of blue/green Royston :slight_smile:


I was going to ask you if it was Royston. But then I thought the turquoise in your pendant might be Chinese, and I must have been wrong on that, according to your other post. I wonder what it is in the ring; if I had to guess, I’d guess Kingman. It’s interesting to try to guess, but that’s really all it is is, since turquoise can be so misleading.

Agree with @CyanideRose18, love the cuff stone in particular.


Darrell Brown is not the right attribution for this pendant, nor the other one you found on eBay searching. More precisely, not a known hallmark or style of Brown and also unidentified generally. As @Steve noted on the other thread about the pendant, this is not a hallmark in Hougart’s, the most definitive resource. It’s a shame when online sellers add to confusion by asserting things they don’t in fact know because they didn’t buy from a living seller and/or have little experience. (Many buyers are getting imports, not Native jewelry, because of false advertising.)

I agree with @Ziacat that it looks like Chinese turquoise. Unless your seller is rock solid and known in the field, they better be willing to put in writing a source of the turquoise, or else they might just be winging it.


Oh well then I stand corrected. I dunno who made the pendant, i totally get th3 shenanigans in the turquoise industry. Hah

I guess the only thing im confident about is its real turquoise and hopefully native american. I do know the cecil atencio bracelet is a real native piece and even if the other one isnt im still gonna wear it :slight_smile:

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I think they are all beautiful, and would wear them also! I especially love the cuff.

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I recall seeing that pendant on eBay, because I thought it was pretty and followed it for a while but couldn’t authenticate that it was NA, so didn’t want to pay what they were asking and they wouldn’t budge on price. I still think it’s lovely and glad you got it! It reminds me of water, very cool.