Some rings!

Looking to raise some funds for a flight back home! :airplane: I thought I would post them here first.

-Pinky Top: Harvey style vintage lapis (size 6) $35
-Pinky Bottom: Early Tommy Singer chip inlay (size 6) SOLD

-Ring Top: Blue bird inlay ring (size 7.5) $60
-Ring Bottom: Turquoise ring signed L.M.Y. by Larry Moses Yazzie (size 9.5) SOLD

-Middle Top: Spiderweb Hubei turquoise (size 8) $45
-Middle Bottom: Three stone red web Kingman with pyrite (size 8) SOLD

-Index Top: Fred Harvey ring with hairline fracture (size 6) $38
-Index Middle: Carolyn Pollack stacker (size 7.5) $28
-Index Bottom: Navajo Ring (size 7 3/4) SOLD

Please let me know if you need closeup pics!


I’ll take 3 the red kingman, tommy singer and that green triangle if they’re still available

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OK, All 4 bottom rings if still available. We’ll get you home!!


Blue bird ring still available?

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It certainly is! Send me a message with your email if you’d like it!

Hi Bree! Here comes the mail-address: