Southwestern design

Can you identify this…that’s right it’s a Greatrocks original!!
I thought it turned out nice so I thought I would show it off. I love working in the SW design. Kyle


Very nice…what turquoise mine did you use and can you share what technique you used to create the texture around the bezel? We would love to see the back too! And any hallmark you used…

Sure Koliopee, I pretty sure that came from my Royston collection. I chose it for its " geographical" look. This Pic is one is a GIANT bolo my dad made it about the size of your palm. We use to make little silver nuggets by melting sterling to a “plastic” state just before flowing and then bunch it up with an iron pointed tool like the tail of a file. then pickle it and tumble it for about two hours with steel shot. Arrange the nuggets around the bezel and solder liberally. cut away the extra, darken with liver of sulfur and buff. Here is a photo of the back, I didnt mark this piece, My logo is kinda big… that’s in the other photo. I pre-make my stamps then weld them on before mounting the stones. That way if I double stamp I haven’t damaged a piece. Also I use recycled silver, Folks like fair trade items so recycling is a selling feature. the tube in the photo is medical tubing sold as scrap. I also buy scrap and re- roll my own plate.


Cool and the recycling is very beneficial. I’ve done that melt and manipulate the surface thing before too…metal is soo cool :sunglasses: your consistency with it is really great and your dads bolo piece is super nice! Soif your in Spain do you know Pablo Cimdevilla too? Sorry im shameless…if your not familiar just youtube his name hes amazing to and I’ve learned soo much from watching his videos…

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No but I wound up working here with the sister of Lisa Barth, a world famous wire wrapper. that’s cool because I started out teaching wire wrapping classes in a public rec center here. Then my co-worker said " by the way have you heard of my sister?"

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