Southwestern hallmark ‘V’

Hi everyone

Happy New Year! I’ recently purchased this necklace - I’ve searched Barton’s for the artist based on the stamping of what I think is a ‘V’ but nothing there. Also checked art-Amerindian and also drew a blank - I think there is a buckle artist who uses this stamp called Vincent Largo but I can only find one item by him on Does anyone know who this artist might be? Thanks in advance xx


I have looked high and low with no luck. Did the seller have any information?

Thanks for trying - the info I have is that she bought it from Portsche’s in Boise Idaho while visiting relatives in the early ‘80’s. She was told by them that it came from an estate sale and that it was made in the 1950’s - which I doubt - it looks like a 1980’s style to me but I could be wrong. She didn’t have any further info and I can’t find any artist’s ‘V’ mark that’s similar to this one which is quite wide and no other silverwork similar to this either - it remains a mystery! X

I would agree that it doesn’t appear to be an old piece. It is interesting piece, the three silver pieces definitely look like they were made to be a necklace. However, the chain is not handmade and the way it attached with those big Shepard style hooks on the is different. Even the V is not a great V, a mystery.

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I’ve found that Jake Verdy has a similar stamp - a wider ‘V’ - but this looks nothing like any of his work I can find online so I’m thinking it’s not his either - it’s lovely to wear though :grin: xx

Verdy Jake, a female silversmith. You are right about this not being her work.

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Oops! I’ve found a mark very similar by Milton Vandever but can only find one example of his work which is a feather cuff. I found a similar necklace with no markings - this was with bench beads so I’m wondering if my necklace was the same which would make sense with the shepherd hooks? The more I look at the necklace the more I’m thinking the chain is a replacement. I think I’m going to have to give up researching and leave it as a mystery xx