Special Charm Bracelet

My Dad drove truck all over the USA. When I was born in 1962, he started making this bracelet for me.
He purchased charms from the truck stops he was at.
My parents divorced a year or two after I was born. I never saw him after that.

My Dad was killed in a car accident in 1970.
This bracelet has been worn a lot, but still in great shape.
I have not worn it in many years. Kind of afraid to, as I have seen these charms for sale between $10.00 and $25.00 each.
Most are marked Wells Sterling. I think the company existed from the early 1920’s through the late 1970’s.
The bracelet chain is also Sterling.


I love it, what a unique and beautiful charm bracelet; I’ve never seen one like that. Thank you for sharing the story behind it, losing your dad so young is hard, so having those precious mementos from him is priceless.

I see my state on there too😁


I’m so sorry for your loss. Having something positive to remember him by is such a blessing.


What a great bracelet!
I have never seen a charm bracelet quite like this one…and it’s a sweet reminder of your dad.


I love charm bracelets :heartbeat: You have a lovely remembrance from your dad, and it’s so special that he made it for you.

My husband started one for me when the kids were born and I treasure it. I’m a member of Sisters on the Fly, and we did a charm trail in Pendleton when I hosted an event years ago, and I made a necklace out of mine, and added vintage state charms like yours too, it’s quirky, but I like it for the memories.


Make sure the jump rings are all soldered and get a safety chain. You should be able to wear it.

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