Spiderweb Turquoise Gibbsite Cabbing Rough

Ordered this to see what exactly we are dealing with, this isn’t the imitation stone of my youth. Job just got harder.


I have seen thst advertised. Let us know how good it polishes up. Looks like nice Kingman spiderweb. That stuff is going to fool a lot of people.


Really pretty. Looks like it will cut and polish like the real thing.

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Do you see anything in the material that gives it away? Suggestions how buyers can avoid it?


The prevalence and nature of the white quartz type inclusions is the matrix is a bit odd, relatively consistent, and definitely an identifying feature of the material. I don’t remember ever seeing natural stone with quartz inclusions as numerous, and consistent. Would be really outstanding if they could similarly pepper it with less numerous natural looking pyrite inclusions. Generally speaking, it’s extremely attractive, both from an aesthetic and technical point of view. One of the reasons we got completely away from using stones in our jewelry lines from 1990 on was the inconsistency of supply of high quality material. Not generally a fan of synthetic materials, but with something really, really, good, one can easily imagine building an entire product line of high quality handmade jewelry around it.

Even though it is synthetic, I have wanted to see a squash blossom necklace with this set in it. It would have the appearance of Lander Blue, at about a fraction of the price. I recently saw a squash blossom that was claimed to be Lander Blue, without any certification of authenticity, sell for over $100,000 dollars.

Fantastic and Extremely Rare Lander Blue Turquoise Squash Blossom Set | Western Trading Post LLC

More power to them if they can get it, but I don’t see anywhere near that kind of value in it. The turquoise is beautiful, but it’s hard to see the cabs alone bringing that kind of money. Likewise the silver work which in comparison to the stones is completely disposable.

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I agree with you 100%. To me the carat weight even at top dollar doesn’t come close to that price. Add to that the premium for the auction house. I figure that I don’t have that kind of money to buy the real deal, and probably would not spend that much on it even if I did. While I love natural high grade turquoise this is one instance where a good looking imitation is the best option.

For me at least.

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Apparently weight is a factor in telling if it is Gibbsite or not, as Gibbsite is much lighter by volume than Turquoise as it’s an aluminum derivative. I’ve seen jewelry made from this material and it polishes up just beautifully. The seller was honest about what it was, yet it still sold at turquoise prices. It sells for .50 per gram, very cheep. I just hate to think what is going to happen in the wrong hands. They also have a White Buffalo Gibbsite now.


It is available in what they call a Pyrite crystal shine. Haven’t seen it in person but looks like the real thing.

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Might be fun to pick some up and play with it.

IJS has it for sale on their web site.