Spiderwebbed 5 stone cuff hallmarked JL

I need help trying to figure out what kind of turquoise this might be. The cuff was sold as Dry Creek but looks nothing like and of the other pieces that I have. It’s fairly heavy at 46g. It’s only 3/4’ wide at the widest section. I can feel matrix with my fingernail. May I have your opinions please? Thanks for your help.`


@Jason Do you have a time to give me your opinion on this turquoise? I have messaged with another member and we believe it American possibly Kingman, possibly number 8. The other thought was Hubei

These sets use to be really popular in the 1990s, the guy who always brought them I believe had them cut in China. I imagine this is Chinese turquoise. The sets we still have are Chinese turquoise, lots of diversity in color and character.


Thank you! I believe you have hit the nail right on the head. I see a set in your pictures that looks almost identical. It was among the top three contenders but it’s a much lighter blue than the rest I have so I wasn’t sure. I appreciate the help.