Squash Blossom and Sandcast Naja. Era?

My grandmother purchased this in the 60’s and had it since then. I inherited it in 2020. No markings. I understand it to be used when she purchased it and she believed old pawn which I am less convinced. It seems maybe 1930’s or 40’s from squash size/length and pearls, but I was wondering if anyone could confirm. Thank you kindly.

I wouldn’t have guessed this from the 1960s, seems like a newer piece. Did you have the original purchase receipt?


Jason do you have any thoughts on the naja itself? it looks to me like the edges were trimmed/cleaned rather hurriedly, esp around the hands, or is that a function of the way it was cast? I believe some molds lose fine detail of they have been used repeatedly. Does that look like the case here?

Just looks like the artist didn’t take as much time cleaning it up.

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