Squash blossom and the “turquoise”

Hey all- I have posted about these before however I never asked about the stones. I believe they are turquoise however I could be wrong.

I love both of them for one was a wedding gift and the other my husband bought me. I was curious about knowing more, so here I am again asking. What type of turquoise does this look like.

The one that I got as a wedding gift the turquoise looks like it’s cracking , however when I put it under my microscope it doesn’t show any real crack marks. I thought originally it was compounded turquoise (I might be using the wrong term, using smaller pieces of turquoise and adding epoxy and other materials to make a larger one). I’d just love to know more about it.

The second one is more bright blue which my husband bought me as a surprise. I believe it’s been restrung, however that isn’t what I’m questioning to know more about. It’s the type of turquoise.

Thanks for all the help ya’ll. I’ve learned so much from everyone !


They are turquoise not sure if it is the lighting but some look to be different types. There are many mines with different colours/shades of turquoise.