Squash Blossom from the Apache Canyon Mines, California

My name is Ernie Nazelrod, my Father, the late Ed Nazelrod owned the Apache Canyon Mining Company, out of Baker ,California. He was not only a miner but also a jewelry maker. This is a squash blossom necklace he completely hand made in 1971 with spiderweb turquoise from his first mine, The Sinsemilla. He would stamp his jewelry with a small lightning bolt as his Hallmark.


sinsemilla…haven’t heard that word in decades & not in this context.

way kewl


That is beautiful; never heard of that mine. Are the other pieces native made?

Thanks for sharing- It’s hard to find the old California Turquoise history attached to particular stones these days. Would it be possible to see close-ups of your Father’s jewelry? TIA.

Absolutely beautiful!! Would love to find some of his work!

Such a beautiful piece, thanks so much for sharing. It helps us all learn and want to see and learn more!