Squash Blossom. Loved stones but am a little worried.

Trying to learn more about this necklace to see if I maybe made a mistake. I loved the stones when I saw it but the 122g weight feels maybe to light to be authentic. However the bench beads are a petite 6mm which maybe explains it. The squash blossom is hallmarked sterling and passes the magnet test, but I don’t have an easy way to do the acid test given COVID. It might have been restrung based on the findings, or it might just be fake. I’m a little bit concerned tho based on the wear pattern on the back of the Naja. I can see evidence of sand packing into the bezel on one stone which I would expect from an authentic piece. It also appears to have etching signature (circled in red) but I can’t make it out for sure, but it looks a little bit like initials and Quam. I’d love you’re more trained and experienced insight.

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