Squash Blossom necklace info please & thanks! :)

Hi! I bought this squash blossom necklace 12 years ago on eBay. There are no markings that I can see. 32” to bottom of Naja. Naja is 3” X 2 5/8”. 156 grams. Anyone have a clue on Artist , turquoise, & estimated value? Much appreciated & thank you!

Beautiful necklace, and big. It is going to very difficult to determine the maker of this necklace with no markings. The beads are not handmade, the leaves are. I would call that turquoise Kingman. I would imagine to see the necklace for something like $800.

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That’s awesome Jason! I knew the color was very close to other pieces I have that I knew were Kingman. I’m just drawn to that color I guess. Thank you once again for giving of your time to help others. Appreciate you!