Squash Blossom Necklace - query re value and Pearls


Buying based on my love of the colour of a piece is getting me into trouble - I’ve just purchased this squash blossom necklace (I’m hoping for a reasonable price :crossed_fingers:) and would like to identify the Mine the stones came from (Dillon Hartman thinks Turquoise Mountain). It’s very very heavy and big (238g and 18 inches long) and I’m thinking old but not sure how old? I bought it from someone who said it was ‘old pawn’ but I don’t like that term - unless they’ve actually bought it from the pawn shop I’m assuming it’s just a term used to sell a piece. Thoughts would be very helpful as to rough value. It is missing the inside row of Navajo Pearls - I’m guessing this might have broken at some point but someone suggested this could have been removed to sell as a separate necklace? I’m not sure if this was ever done but makes sense if you’re short of funds - anyone heard of this being done before?

Many thanks

It is nice. I think we could agree on Turquoise Mountain. I would call this 1980s-90s. You are right the color really looks good. You might think about having the other row of beads added, maybe something like $125 to have that done. Maybe a string broke and they had to have it restrung, but didn’t have the supplies to make it whole.

Thanks for the help - I would like to get the second string added but I’m in the UK and I have no idea where I would take it to have that done (they rarely come up for sale over here so I was lucky to get it). If anyone knows someone in the UK that could help that would be great. I guess the only other option might be for me to somehow order a second row from the States and then find someone local to fit it. Xx

Another query! I’ve been in contact with Diane at My Favourite Silversmith in Phoenix and she has quoted me $175-$200 for the repairs (this includes shipping). I’ve exhsusted local jewellers and most haven’t even a clue as to what a Squash Blosdom necklace is(!). I want to go ahead with the repairs but I need to know if it will increase the value of the necklace before I get it done - and also a rough idea of value in its current condition for insurance and shipping purposes. Thoughts would be very welcome. Many thanks x

Maybe do the insurance at $1100. It is definitely going to make it more sellable if you ever wanted to do that. If it wasn’t fixed you would have a difficult time selling.

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Thanks Jason that’s brilliant xx

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