Squash blossom necklaces

I picked up a couple squash blossom necklaces at an estate sale and am hoping I didn’t make a poor choice.

Any idea of the value for these? Is eBay the best route to sell?


Welcome to the forum. You did good, these are circa 1980s Navajo squash blossom necklaces. If these necklaces were new (you had them commisioned) they would be $1800+, it just depends what someone is willing to pay. This vintage jewelry usually goes for less, except when it is made by a recognized artist or has a very valuable turquoise.


If I paid $525 each, do you think I overpaid?


Not necessarily. It’s likely you can at least double your money. The stones and design look very nice.


I have a question, I am noticing that at the bottom of some of the stones, there seems to be a dark gray?

I am questioning if maybe these are painted?

You can see what I am talking about in picture number 3 on the center stone, and the stone on the bottom left.

Probably not paint, but either matrix rock or a filler/backing substance. Turquoise can often be fragile, and need a buffer layer between it and the metal, or indents and gaps in the back could be filled. Sometimes, it’s used to make the visible stone look deeper than it really is.


Here are some better photos of what I’m talking about

That black is the backing, the image is the stone maybe chipping and coming away from the backing.

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