Squash blossom neclace

I aquired this necklace through a friend who was going to disassemble it and use thje turquoise. I told her to at least let me research it a bit and that’s when I found this site. I don’t see any makers mark only a slight indention that I can’t decipher. It’s very shiny. Could someone give me a little info…thank you

that’s a beauty! you should have it appraised somewhere reliable - she would probably be better off selling it if she doesn’t want it, and taking the money to buy materials for her projects. There is a lot of stone in that, along with a hefty amount of silver, but the craftsmanship would be sad to waste.

It’s probably Zuni and a 50’s era piece…please don’t let her destroy it…
It has a high value historically and monetarily…if say its probably a $900-1300 value
These early to mid century squash blossom pieces were commonly unsigned…it’s a beautiful example…thanks for taking the time to rescue it from an untimely death by disassembly…:heart_eyes_cat:

First thing I would do if have it tested to make sure it is silver and not nickel. That “shineness” should not be there on a piece that is 50-60 years old. The beads are machine made as well which doesn’t fit the age, I’m willing to bet there nickel as well.